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Mar 23, 2013 6:00pm PDT
been to has searched people. reporter: the san francisco entertainment commission has closed 330 rich. commissioners issued an emergency suspension of their operating permit for the near future. the commissioners tell us that they'll be reviewing the club in a hearing sometime next week to do you remember its future -- to determine its future. also -- i'm sorry. well, that's it for me. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much for that update. the 14-year-old santa rosa boy killed at the marysville raceway a week ago is being remembered as the track re-opens tonight. a private funeral for marcus johnson was held today. a public memorial is tomorrow. he was killed along with man when a car driven by marcus' 17-year-old cousin flew off the track. there was a mechanical failure and track officials say the track is safe. >> viewers sent us pictures of the aftermath of a transformer blowing up. it caused bushes to catch on fire. thousands of residents were without power. no injuries were reported. pg&e has not been told why the the transformer blew. jake is a tattoo
Mar 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
operating in the u.s. >>> tomorrow kicks off the new season of "sunday streets" in san francisco. kicks off long three miles of the embarcadero from fisherman's wharf to pier 52. much of the embarcadero will be closed to traffic toso keep that in mind if you're in the area. >>> just ahead, fighting back against bullies. the new program that can make a difference for kids. >>> princesses for a day. the giveaway that helped teenagers go to the prom. >>> a forrous saturday. look at that. what's ahead tomorrow? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the sharks better be careful. they're capable of playing themselves out of knost season. the men in teal score three >> ama: new at 6:00, the san francisco police department is helping tackle bullying. kids from the tenderloin boys and girls club got to meet linebacker stan williams,; according to the organizers, these sessions give them positivity. >> after after encounter with us, i see the positivity the next time. they're ecstatic to go to school and do their homework. they want to work. they want to get better. >> ama: do the homework. followi
Mar 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. >> and everybody is a little bit irish today. san francisco's big st.~patrick's day parade just ahead. >> irish will be smiling tomorrow as well as the forecast looks terrific. get ready for big weather changes next week. we'll have the >> carolyn: police have released the name of map accused of stealing a taxi yesterday and ramming it into a police car. peter russell was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and assault against a police officer. police say russell jumped on to the hood of the taxicab, shattering its wished. when the driver jumped out, he jumped in and drove away. when police tried to intervene, russell rammed the police car. >>> protesters vietnamizeed banks on franklin avenue last night, and shattered a large window at the transcribe bound -- tribune tower. >> san jose police are still looking for one suspect in a violent purse snatching. police are looking for january 000 rios, his sister was arrested on thursday. police say joseette punched and kicked the victim after she got off the light rail frame. both suspects then ripped the purse from the victim and ran away. >> new co
Mar 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
range. >> the san francisco police have not released a description of the man who fired the shots nor of the driver of the car he got into and sped away in. now, two neighbors say they saw a for door gray sedan. now san francisco police for anyone with information to give them a call. >> ama: turning now to our weather. rain is moving across the bay area examination more is on the way. right now you're taking a live look from the emeryville camera. you can see the sunset also the cloud. let's economic -- check in with leigh glaser. >> leigh: we have a cutoff low that is going bring the bay area showers and thunderstorms tonight. check out the yell lows and also the ongoings develop -- oranges developing just off the coast, and this ban of showers irmoving towards the bay area. start north bay, vacaville, check out the golden gate bridge right now. starting to see some moisture there the sunset district, also the peninsula, san bruno, down towards san mateo, redwood city. i'm going to animate this and you can see the trajectory from south towards the west. this this counterclockwise sp
Mar 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
. of an emergency landing at san francisco international airport. there's the plane being towed to it gait. united flight 378 reported a hydraulic fliewld problem after taking off from vancouver. >>> police in east palo alto are investigating a shooting that killed man and injured a boy. police say 22-year-old gerardo segue gara was found shot last night. he died at the escape. a juvenile -- died at the scene. a juvenile was shot. no details about the boy's condition. police say someone in a black car pulled up and spoke to the victim before firing shots. >> police in san francisco are looking for a driver involved in a hit-and-run two people were hit by a car last sunday. one person remains hospitalized with serious injuries. police believe the car is a 2008 to 2012 honda accord sedan, dark, with major damage to the front right side. >>> tonight, very special treat for a young girl touched by tragedy. she lost her father and sister when a 17-year-old driver crashed into the family as they were walking down the street last year in concord. and tonight, group is trying to help her recover from the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5